Using our All Over Ointment on a Newborn

Our All Over Ointment is the most versatile product in our Tubby Todd family. I never leave home without it! It's great for spot treating eczema, rashes, or dry skin, and sometimes I use a dab to soothe my dry knuckles or nail beds. It even works miracles on diaper rash! The bpa-free jar is the perfect size for carrying around in my bag or keeping next to the diapers and wipes.

I've used our Ointment for baby James since the day he was born. Here are four of my favorite applications I've found for using ointment on a newborn:

1. The Ointment is excellent for diaper rash! Babies go through a lot of changes in their digestion system (especially if they're sensitive to what Mama eats), and our ointment is perfect for healing sore, irritated bums. I also use it to prevent diaper rash from happening in the first place, since it's hydrating and won't dry his skin out.

2. When James was born, he had little clusters of skin irritation all over his body. From day one I've spot-treated his skin irritations with our ointment, and it cleared so quickly! Even the nurses were impressed. Little clumps of bumps or scrapes from his nails. All newborns seem to have irritated sensitive skin and this has helped smooth those irritated spots almost immediately. 

3. Tiny flakes of cradle cap have recently started to form on James' scalp, and so at night I coat the patches with our ointment. By morning, his cradle cap is always gone and I'm left with a smooth, good-lookin' baby boy.

4. All of my babies have had dry, peeling skin on their fingers and toes in the first few weeks. Our ointment has helped moisturize James' fingers and toes, and has stopped them from peeling.

I bet there are several more uses for using our ointment on a newborn that I have yet to discover. It's so versatile and I'm grateful for a safe, natural option to use on my newborn!



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