Tubby love for your little Valentine

Growing up my mom always had a Valentine's Day present waiting for us when we woke up in the morning. One year I got a swimsuit and another year I remember getting an outfit for school. It was usually something slightly practical that we needed that year but she always threw in a little treat too because my mom is tons of fun like that! But, what I remember most is that each year she would write us a note, telling us how much she loved us and why we were special. Even as an adult I still get a Valentine's Day gift from my mom every year with a note and a little surprise, it's something I look forward to and I save every card because they make me feel so, so loved.
Now that I'm a mom of two I see how much work it is to do the extra little things for our little ones. It is hard enough to keep a house clean, your kids healthy and get dinner ready! Right!? Most days it seems like there is no extra time to make those extra special gestures showing people how we really feel about them. When I look back on my childhood what I remember most are the times my parents shared their love with me. Whether it was through words, a meaningful gift or their time, they are the memories that shaped the way I feel about myself. So, even though some days I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open, I'm trying to make sure I'm letting my babies know just how loved they really are. 
What Valentine's Day traditions do you have with your families? I'd love to hear! Share below in the comments. 
Sending love to your family!