3 FAQs: Organic Chest Rub

Winter time means cooler temperatures and exposure to elements like wind and snow—which can lead to DRY skin! Every mama knows that we need to take extra care during the colder months to make sure our babes are moisturized properly so their skin can be happy and hydrated all season long.

If you have a kiddo who is prone to a stuffy nose or pesky colds, moisturizer might not be enough! You'll definitely want to add our Organic Chest Rub into your regular skincare lineup. Use it during bedtime or throughout the day, your little one will love the smooth texture and yummy smell, and you'll love knowing that all those organic essential oils are doing their thang! Below are three frequently asked questions about our Organic Chest Rub—if you have a question that isn't answered here, drop it in the comments below or send us a quick email at customercare@tubbytodd.com!

Q: What age is Chest Rub recommended for?

A: Chest Rub is great for sensitive skin and we recommend it for any little ones three months or older—you can use it on yourself too!

Q: Where can Chest Rub be used?

A: Chest Rub can be used in so many ways! Dab a tiny bit under a dry nose that's seen one too many kleenex, or rub some on your little one's chest to ease congestion. We also love using Chest Rub for a soothing back massage, or even swiping a little bit onto the soles of baby's feet before bed!

Q: What are the ingredients in Organic Chest Rub?

A: Chest Rub is formulated with organic ingredients including Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil. The smooth texture makes it easy to massage into skin and the aromatic oils release a clean, calming scent. (See the full ingredients list HERE.)

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