Skin Issues? We can help!

In addition to being 100% natural and plant-based, Tubby Todd products are formulated to be extra gentle and hypoallergenic. Does your baby have sensitive skin? We probably have a product that can help!

my baby’s skin breaks out in tiny red bumps after her bath.​
our lavender wash is extra-gentle & 100% natural and hypoallergenic. it's also moisturizing too, so you won't dry out her skin. goodbye rash!
my baby has diaper rash and we're all a little bummed out by it.​
our all over ointment will quickly and naturally clear diaper rash, and create a barrier so it won’t come back. yippee!
my baby has dry, scaly skin on his cheeks, and sometimes they're also red and patchy.
our dream cream can help! it's super rich and creamy, & will calm the inflammation and smooth his cheeks right up. they'll be soft and kissable again!
we want an all-natural wash, but we need it to be tear-free for our newborn. our lavender wash is super gentle on tiny faces, and is the perfect choice for both newborns and messy toddlers. Just a small squeeze lathers from head to toe, cleansing and moisturizing.
my baby has cradle cap and we can’t seem to get rid of it! try our all over ointment. rub it in, and wash out the flakiness with a soft comb.
my baby spits up all the time, and when we're in public I can't always change her clothes. toss a bottle of our baby fresh spray in your diaper bag or car. it has an all-natural, light citrus scent that will help mask any stinky odor, from bibs to blankets. 
my heels are dry and cracked, but as a busy parent I don't have time for a pedicure. our dream cream can help! lather this thick cream on your feet at bedtime, slip some socks on, and wake up to happier, smoother feet. you're welcome.
we’re in need of a little extra skin moisture as the weather cools down. our lavender lotion is thick, and is great for every day body moisturizing from head to toe. It leaves skin super soft, and never greasy.
my daughter gets UTIs and we’ve sworn off bubble baths. :( tubby todd to the rescue! 100% natural, plant-based ingredients in our bubble bath means it’s extra gentle on sensitive areas. 
we just changed a poopy diaper and her clothes still stink! spritz her clothes with our lightly scented, all-natural citrus baby fresh spray, and turn that frown upside down!
my baby's nail beds are fine, but mine are cracked and chaffed from all the dishes I wash. tubby todd is great for adults too! smooth just a tiny dab of our dream cream around your nails and it will help heal and nourish your hands.
ouch! my son just touched the hot stove and got a little burn on his finger. grab our all over ointment and rub it over any burns, cuts, or scrapes. the all over ointment's plant-based extracts and natural ingredients will help soothe and heal damaged skin.

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Have any other skin issues we didn't cover? Still have questions? Email us at and we'll do our best to help!

Yuwei lin


I had purchased a huge bottle of your everyday lotion and my baby broke out in hives every time I’ve used it on her. I love your product and the all over natural ointment works great on her so I’m not sure why the everyday cream is doing that to her skin. Is there any way I can exchange for another product of yours? Thank you!