freshen up!


Four and a half years ago we brought home our first baby, and she spit up all of the time! I was constantly trying to keep her smelling nice without washing her too many times and upsetting her skin. I would tell Brian that I just wish I had a baby perfume that was safe and sweet to freshen her (and me!) up throughout the day.

Years later and it feels so exciting to have our Baby Fresh Spray for sale in the shop! It comes in our Sweet Quince fragrance and is sold alone or in our Tubby Todd Gift Set. It has been one of our best sellers which tells me sometimes your babes might be a little stinky too! ;) 

Other ways we use the product in our home: 
  • My little girl loves to play "salon" at home, where we paint each other's nails. It's super legit. At the end of coming to our "salon", we get to spray ourselves in fancy perfume. 
  • While nursing, I use this scent exclusively as my perfume. Most perfumes contain musts, and knowing my baby will be coming in contact with my bare skin multiple times a day makes me incredibly uncomfortable wearing such strong perfume. Our baby fresh spray is safe, 100% natural, and clean as can be for a nursing mom and her baby.
  • I still carry our baby fresh spray in our car to freshen the kids up after the park when they are stinky and sweaty.
  • And surprise — I get sweaty too! When I need to freshen up my gym clothes, our baby fresh spray does the trick. 
  • We also use the spray on the entire family's bed linens to freshen them up between washes.