đź’• Meet our new MAMA line! đź’•

Meet our new MAMA line, designed just for Mamas and Mamas-to-be. We've created four beautiful products to help you through every stage of motherhood.

Meet all four products in our new Tubby Todd MAMA line!

100% NATURAL BELLY BALM — This rich balm is the perfect cure for an itchy, strained pregnant belly. Use it during and after pregnancy on your belly, thighs, and breasts to promote elasticity and healing of stubborn stretch marks.

100% NATURAL NURSING SALVE — A pure, hypoallergenic salve for the early days of nursing. It soothes tender nipples, helps restore and prevent cracked skin on the breasts, and is safe for you and your tiniest newborn to use before, during, and after nursing.

100% NATURAL HAND CREAM — Ultra-thick and luxurious, this cream renews dry, overworked hands, keeping you pampered and moisturized through every stage of motherhood.

100% NATURAL FRESHENING SPRAY — A clean, natural body spray that purifies and deodorizes. When you haven't showered in three days (we've been there, Mama!), use this from head to toe (even your unmentionables!) to quickly freshen up.

Each product is made just for you, Mama, and comes in a recyclable gift box. We whole heartedly believe that when we are taking better care of ourselves, we will be more capable of taking care of our little ones. 


I want everything! Can’t wait until Wednesday!!!