Tips for keeping skin smooth and eczema-free


  1. Try cutting out dairy. Many cases of eczema are linked to a dairy sensitivity, so try cutting it out for a couple of weeks if you’re breastfeeding. My oldest son Jack had horrible eczema when he was a toddler, and his cheeks were really dry, red, and scaly. Once we cut dairy out of our family’s diet (no more goldfish!), it disappeared practically overnight.

  2. Moisturize frequently throughout the day. Smother those dry patches with a dollop of Dream Cream first thing in the morning, and keep them hydrated with lotion throughout the day. Our travel kit has tiny bottles made just the right size for a diaper bag. Just before bed, rub a thick layer of All Over Ointment on eczema patches so it can work magic to get rid of eczema

  3. Moisturize right after bath time. Right after your wrap your little one in a dry towel, rub in a natural lotion from head to toe. This will help seal in all the water while the skin is still moist from bathing.

  4. Don’t let baths or showers get too hot. Heat isn’t a friend of eczema and can cause further inflammation. Keep baths warm, but not hot. Hot tubs can also irritate sensitive skin — the heat and chemicals can make eczema to care for eczema

  5. Avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Many ingredients found in drugstore skin products can actually be the cause of eczema flare ups. Find the culprit: often times eczema and rashes start from the bath soap you’re using, so make sure it’s safe and natural for your baby's skin. Artificial fragrances are some of the worst offenders, so we only use 100% naturally derived fragrances and ingredients in Tubby Todd products.

Hopefully, a few of these tips will help your little ones who are suffering from eczema too. Babies are made to be soft and kissable, and Tubby Todd products are meant to help their skin stay that way!