Top Tips for Breastfeeding

We are excited to have released our new Nursing Salve, just in time for World Breastfeeding Week! Our expert friend Lindsey from Lactation Link has shared her top tips for breastfeeding with us:
Nipple pain is one of the top reasons mothers wean before they hit their breastfeeding goals. There are two things that can be so important to avoiding nipple pain - getting a good latch and nipple care. Here are some tips for taking care of your nipples:
  1. keep nipples clean and dry
  2. dab some expressed breastmilk around your nipple and areola after each feeding and let air-dry
  3. use a barrier cream like our Tubby Todd Nursing Salve to protect and promote internal moisture

Our Nursing Salve is made from an exceptionally pure-grade lanolin and is safe to use before, during, and after nursing your little one. It will help keep your nipples moisturized, and will protect them from becoming chapped and cracked while you're still adjusting to nursing. It's an essential that all nursing Mamas should keep on hand for support in breastfeeding!

A few more of our favorite tips from Lindsey:

  • Make sure you have a friend or two to call on for support and help! It's been shown that women who have a support system are able to breastfeed longer. (And make sure your pediatrician is on board!)
  • Get help to master the latch-on — most problems are a result of a poor latch. Pain, inadequate supply, and jaundice are just a few of the problems than can result from an improper latch.
  • Learn how to hand-express milk. It can help with enticing your baby to latch, keeping their latch, and ensuring your milk supply. 
  • Take it easy! Stress will negatively affect your milk supply. Plan easy meals, stock up your freezer ahead of time, and schedule carpooling for your other kids.
  • Slow down and enjoy your baby! Take the first six weeks to rest your body and get to know your new little one. Slowing down is best for you, your baby, and breastfeeding. We thoughtfully created our MAMA Bundle to support and nourish you in this new phase of life you're in.

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Is there other ways to get the most use of the salve after you are done with breastfeeding? My last baby, I barely used my nipple cream and had to toss it. So just wondering how else i can maximize the salve if i get it and have left overs.