Andrea's Essentials for the Pool or Beach

To stay cool this summer we've been hitting up both the pool and the beach, and with three kids in tow (one being a newborn!) it's quite the circus. :) Here are some of my favorite things that I bring with us:
  1. I like to pack our Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash (we even have a travel size!) when we go to the pool so I can rinse the chlorine out of our blonde hair right away. We also use it right after the beach to bring moisture back to our salty, sandy hair that's been dried out by the sun.
  2. My Proof sunnies are glued to my face this summer, and hide the fact that I'm not wearing makeup. I swear this style looks good on almost everyone, and matches everything I wear.
  3. I've found that Bare Republic is the mineral sunscreen I grab again and again for our family. Mineral sunscreens are safer for your skin and this formula is water-resistant so we feel safe using it at the pool or beach. (See our 2016 roundup of our favorite sunscreens).
  4. My large Humble Hilo bag is so beautiful (each one is unique and handmade in Guatemala!) and is a great size for toting snacks, sunscreen, and extra clothes. It's got a fantastic zipper pocket in the front so I can quickly stash my phone and keys and get in the water!
  5. My Shop Strands towel is plenty big for our family of five to sit on and wrap the kiddos in after a swim. It's 100% cotton and is super soft, so I don't worry about it irritating our sensitive skin.
  6. Even when we're super diligent about sunscreen, we spend a lot of time outdoors and someone always seems to get a little pink. My kids love rubbing our Tubby Todd Dream Cream on their sun-kissed skin to cool themselves down after a day in the sun. It has essential oils to soothe sore muscles and tired skin, and bring much-needed moisture back to our sensitive skin.
  7. Can you even handle these Minnow suits for the kids?! The ruffled suit and tiny board shorts are so darling on my kids and the quality is excellent. We make sure to hand wash our swimsuits (using our Hair & Body Wash) after each use, but even with repeated use all summer these have held up much better than other suits we've bought.

Have fun this summer and stay safe in the water, friends!