Muslin Washcloth Set tied with ribbon
Baby wrapped in Muslin Washcloth
Muslin Washcloth Set laid out

Muslin Washcloth Set



A Tubby Todd Washcloth? Yes please! Just as our soap is gentle and fragrant, our washcloths are soft and cozy! Perfect for bathtime cleaning, night time pampering, and a million other things. Our washcloths come in a 4-pack so you can have one in every corner of parenthood.  
  • MUSLIN COTTON WASHCLOTHS: 12"x12" Size, Machine Washable.
  • EXTRA SOFT: Reusable washcloths. Perfect for your baby (and you too!) - won’t irritate or scratch their delicate skin. Cloth gets softer with every wash.
  • MULTI-USE: Not only can cloths be used as bath towel for your newborn, and a soft washcloth, but can also be used as a burp cloth.

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