Pack of 3 8 oz Black Pumps


  • Pack of 3 8 oz Black Pumps
  • Pack of 3 8 oz Black Pumps
  • Pack of 3 8 oz Black Pumps

Our Promise

We're passionate about making natural products that really work! Every natural product we make is not only gentle and safe for sensitive skin, but is impressively effective at getting the job done.

  • natural + organic ingredients
  • gluten-free
  • dairy free
  • certified animal-cruelty free
  • natural, plant-based fragrances
  • made in the u.s.a.
  • safe for sensitive skin of all ages
  • free of toxins, parabens, sulfates, and bpa

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TUBBY 8 oz Black Pumps

Tubby Todd 8oz black pumps have made it into the Hair & Body Wash, Bubble Bath & Everyday Lotion family. If you'd rather pump than squeeze, these pumps make sink-side Hair & Body Wash or bubble bath easier. Replace your original lid with our black pumps for more good, clean fun. (Fits any 8oz Hair & Body Wash, bubble bath or Everyday Lotion)
Sold in a set of 3.
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