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Monthly Bath Bomb Subscription — The Tubby Box

You'll earn 100 Bubbles with this purchase.

How does it work?

Sign up here for our monthly Bath Bomb subscription. And that’s it! You’ll be billed $20 plus shipping and handling. A bathtime party in a box will be delivered to your doorstep every month.  

A Guaranteed Win for Moms and Kids

The days can feel a little long when you’re a mom of little ones--we got you. A package in the mail is pretty much the best thing in the world, right? And the Monthly Tubby Box is a guaranteed win for kids and parents to have some good clean fun together!

It’s a bathtime party-in-a-box your kids will LOVE. Every month, we’ll handpick 3 natural bath bombs and send them to you each month.  

The Monthly Tubby Box includes:

  • 3 natural bath bombs  
  • Orders ship out each month automatically.
  • Your card will be charged $20 plus shipping and handling (4.99)*

What makes Bath Bombs so fun for kids?


There’s a reason we call ‘em ‘fizzy balls of joy’ around here. They bubble and fizz and pop: It’s fun for all ages. Have you ever tried to frown around a bath bomb? It’s impossible. 


Getting a package in the mail is pretty much the best thing in the world. See: faces of glee when bath bombs arrive. This box is a guaranteed way to save a day that feels like it’ll never end.


We’ll handpick 3 irresistible bombs inspired by the season and send them to you just in time for that month’s holiday and festivities. 


Bath Bombs turn an everyday tubby into a guaranteed party. Add music and viola...


It feels so good to say Yes! These bath bombs are plant-based, safe for sensitive skin, and won’t stain towels or skin. Let those kids get their play on!

For questions about your monthly subscription visit our Tubby Box FAQs.

*shipping rates may vary


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