Specialty Bath Bomb Bundles


Bath Bombs transform any old bath time into an extra special Tubby celebration! Packed with plant-based ingredients that moisturize skin, plus a hint of food-grade color that won't stain your towels or tub, these fizzy treats are nothing but good clean fun your whole family will love. Drop one in and watch it bubble, swirl, and fizz! Fill your whole house with bursting scents of fun!

August Bath Bomb Bundle:

  • Tropical Field Trip packs hints of vanilla and cocoa butter after a long summer day.
  • Flower Fest blossoms bath time with hints of lily oil.
  • Always Orange-inal scents of orange, grapefruit, and lemon.

Halloween Bath Bomb Bundle:
  • Mango Monster: Smells like yummy citrus.
  • Coconut Spell: Smells like sweet coconut treat.
  • Vanilla Potion: Smells like warm vanilla and sweet cocoa.

July Bath Bomb Bundle:

  • Floral Firecracker: Smells like cool waterlily and fresh jasmine.
  • Summertime Breeze: Smells like yummy citrus.
  • Firefly dreams: Smells like warm vanilla and sweet cocoa.

May Bath Bomb Bundle:

  • Mama Earth: Smells like cool waterlily and fresh jasmine.
  • Citrus Serenity: Smells like fruity citrus with a hint of vanilla.
  • Cocoa Delight: Smells like sweet vanilla and yummy cocoa.

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