Tubby Todd Test Kit


Our Promise

We're passionate about making natural products that really work! Every natural product we make is not only gentle and safe for sensitive skin, but is impressively effective at getting the job done.

  • natural + organic ingredients
  • gluten-free
  • dairy free
  • certified animal-cruelty free
  • natural, plant-based fragrances
  • made in the u.s.a.
  • safe for sensitive skin of all ages
  • free of toxins, parabens, sulfates, and bpa

This product is currently sold out.

This page is for customers participating in our Tubby Todd Test program. To receive your products, please go to your email and look for the code that was sent to you on 08/03. If you have questions, please contact customercare@tubbytodd.com.

To order:

  • Add the Tubby Test Kit to your cart
  • Use the code that was provided to you in the email you received on 08/03 at checkout (This will deduct the price of the products, you will still need to pay $5 for shipping.)
  • Must place your initial order before 08/11 to participate in the program
Here's how the test works: 
  • Please take a BEFORE picture of your little ones' skin
  • Use the products for ten days and take an after picture (ideally you would only be using Tubby Todd products on your baby during this time)
  • We will send you a survey to fill out at the end of ten days
  • We will also send you a coupon code to place your first official order to refill your samples!
To use the products: 
  • Wash your little one with Hair & Body Wash
  • Towel dry your little one after bath time and while skin is still moist, lather baby with Everyday Lotion 
  • Spot treat any rashes, eczema spots, diaper rashes or irritated areas with our All Over Ointment 
  • Immediately following moisturizing, put on pjs
  • If extra moisture is needed, repeat Everyday Lotion and All Over Ointment at every diaper change
Note: This offer is good for NEW customers who have not previously tried these three products. One sample kit per address. Must be 18 years of age to order, must live in the USA. The purpose of this is to help more people test our products to see if they are a fit for their little ones. 
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