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Teaching Your Kids to Bathe Themselves

By the time your child is in preschool, he or she may take a washcloth from you in an attempt to "help" you wash them.  It's about this time that you can begin to teach your child to bathe themselves.

A Tubby Guide: Essential products to keep your baby fresh throughout the day

By Koseli Cummings / Flow charts by Jana Laidlaw Cummings

We get asked a lot when and how to use everybody's favorite Tubby Todd products, so we made a handy dandy flow chart for quick reference. Our Basics Bundle has everything you need to keep Baby fresh morning til night.

It's MAGIC: The Cloth Diaper Cream That Actually Works

If you’re in search of a natural diaper rash cream that’s safe for cloth diapers, look no further! Our unique All Over Ointment is a versatile, magical product that’s safe for both disposable AND cloth diapers.

In order for cloth diapers to work properly, the fabric needs to be breathable, yet properly absorb moisture while also wicking it away from your baby’s bum. We’re kind of asking a lot out of a piece of fabric, right? But pair it with our All Over Ointment and you’ve got an amazing combination! Here’s what makes our All Over Ointment unique, and safe to use with cloth diapers:

How to pick the perfect baby name

By Koseli Cummings

Few things carry the weight of picking the perfect name for your baby. But how do people do it? Did you name your baby after an exotic vacation, your literary hero, or an adored family member? Or did you discover the name in a traditional baby book? What are your favorite baby naming websites? Here are few favorite places we love looking for baby names....