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Fear of Messing Up


Since this week marks the first day of Spring, I've been thinking a lot about fresh starts and new beginnings.

This is an embarrassing story, but 100% the truth. The week after James was born I was home, recovering from a c-section and my mom wasn't at my house that day. I felt like it was time to give James a bath and I had the thought, "How do I bathe a newborn?" Like, I didn't even know the first place to start. HA! This was my third baby, and I OWN a bath company. It was a humbling moment when I realized that every step as a mom, no matter how many kids you have, feels new and even a little bit scary. You just love these little babies so much and deep down inside you're terrified of doing something wrong.
If you're feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about your child's next steps, I hope you remember that you're not in this alone. The rest of us are figuring out what to do for our babies, too, and fighting that fear of inadequacy all along the way. Can we resolve to have a little more faith in ourselves? We're all just trying our best and I'm sure we're doing a way better job than we ever imagined. Let's give ourselves a hug and each other a high five because we've totally got this.

How to make bath time extra special

As parents, we have to bathe our kids. Why not make it fun? You know we love bath time around here so we're sharing some of our favorite ideas for making baby's bath that much more fun, easy, and memorable.
Big Bathtub
1) Let your baby or kids bathe in the "special" or guest bathroom. Kids love surprises and even this is still a bath in a bathtub, since it's a new location it can be pretty exciting. If you're a one-tub family, create novelty by changing something in the room. 
New Bath Toys
2) Let them pick a few toys to bring into the bath that you wouldn't ordinarily let them bring in. A special tractor toy, a kitchen whisk, plastic cup, a comb, or a new squeezee toy can all be exciting. Throw in some small washcloths and you're good to go. 
3) Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
There's no way we're forgetting bubble bath! Babies and kids love the sensation of bubbles and we are firm believers you can never have too many bubbles. (See #tubbytoddbubblebeard for evidence.) Sweet quince and honeysuckle is a natural, safe alternative to store brand bubble bath that contain harmful chemicals and might irritate your baby's skin.
4) Treat time
Surprise those kiddos with a treat. A messy red popscicle, chocolate ice cream, juicy fruits, and pancakes and sticky syrup win every time. While you're at it, treat yourself!
5)Warm towels
What's cozier than a warm towel when you're fresh out of the bath? Spoil those babies with a toasty transition from bath, lotion time, then pajama time.
6) New Jammies
New pajamas are as exciting for us as they are for our kids. Prep the pj's, diaper or undies, lotion, and comb before the bath and unveil the surprise after they get out. Ta dah! You win, mama.
7) Massage Time
After bathtime, rub your child down with everyday lotion or Dream Cream. Focus on rough patches, bumps, dry rashes, or excema with All Over Ointment. Lotion time seals in the moisture from the bath and is a wonderful bonding time for you and your baby (or big kid!). There's nothing like physical touch and nurturing to help you feel close and connected to your child. 
What do you do to make bath time more fun? We'd love to hear your tips. Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!

5 Things That Help Me Connect With the People I Love

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but sometimes it's really hard for me to feel like I'm actually connecting with my kids, with my husband, or my other loved ones. We spend a lot of time together, in the same house, in the car, etc. but sometimes by the end of the day it just feels like we never really synced up. One of the most challenging parts of being a mom is keeping my focus on my babies when other things call for my attention: family problems, work, and let's just say it....hormones! I've realized there's five key things I can do to really help me reconnect with my little buddies, re-center myself, and get a clearer perspective even when it feels like the world is pulling me in a million different directions.

1. Get out of the house  
Sometimes a neighborhood walk in the evening or a drive to Target with my favorite music playing can be all I need to get a break and some breathing room.

2. Hang out with friends alone and with kids
I'm a people person and I love being with the people I love. Getting together with mama friends at the park, beach, or at somebody's house totally resets me on a rough day. My kids love it too!

3. Taking care of me first
I know I'm not the only one when I say self-care can be tricky! But I know when I do the things I love that fill me up, I'm a better mom, wife, sister, and daughter and I'm just happier all around.  

4. 30 minutes of one-on-one time
When the kids act out, sometimes it means they need focused attention. I'll take one of them and spend half an hour talking, cuddling, reading, and playing. This time is best spent when we are doing something they love. It always leaves us both rejuvenated and happy. It feels so good to love those babies.

5. Let it go
At the end of the day, it's all about just letting go and starting again in the morning. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you do to connect and focus on the people you love the most. What do you do for you?
Andrea Williams

5 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin with Everyday Lotion, Dream Cream, and All Over Ointment

That age old question of how to take care of baby's delicate skin during the cold, long winter months. And how to adapt that routine through the toddler years and beyond. Well, we've got a few tips for you to today featuring Everyday Lotion, Dream Cream, and All Over Ointment. Dry skin no more!

1) Drink + Eat Right

Drink lots of water. It's true whatever we put in our bodies affects what we see on the outside. So make sure your kids have trusty water bottles and keep em full. Toddlers need about 1.3 litres of fluid a day and older kids need about 1-1.5 liters. This includes milk, soup, and other fluids he or she regularly consumes. Adults need an average of eight glasses a day, but this includes other fluids we eat like smoothies, soups, and fruits and vegetables with a lot of water.

2) Pat dry

Instead of rubbing down after after a bath or shower like we usually do, try a gentle pat down and a thorough application of our everyday lavender and rosemary lotion or slightly heavier barrier cream like Dream Cream. It seals in moisture from the bath. We've had so much fun with making lotion application after the bath a part of our routine. The kids laugh, tell us where the dry spots are, and help us apply it. Just the smell of shea butter mint in Dream Cream signals bedtime and reading time. It's the best!

3) Layer product

A great way to add protection is to layer cream. Apply a barrier cream like Dream Cream and spot treat rough patches, eczema, or rashes with All Over Ointment. It seals in the moisture and helps prevent dryness all day long. Layering products is especially helpful if you live in a dry climate or experience below freezing temps.

4) Cover up

Remember to cover up cold hands and feet with toasty gloves and socks. Protect as much skin as possible before sending your kids out to play to protect them from icy wind and snow. For adults, remember to wear gloves when scrubbing dishes or cleaning and use more gentle soaps and cleaning agents to prevent unnecessary skin dryness. Smear Dream Cream on face, hands, lips, necks and any other exposed areas before pushing those kids out the door.

5) Independence

Teach kids to apply lotion, chapstick, etc. themselves. Slip a travel size container in their backpack or coat pocket and encourage them to apply it themselves as soon as they feel dryness or itchiness settling in. We also put lotion at kid's level in the bathroom so they can easily slather some on after washing their hands. The more it becomes a routine, the better. We're really excited that Extra Tubby Size pump bottles will be available soon (March 2017!). They'll mean more independence, value, and fun for everyone!

What tips do you have for us? What does your family do to protect sensitive skin during the winter? See our tips and cute product videos on Instagram and share with us on Facebook.

When it's too cold to go out: Inspiration for Indoor Play

Oh, winter. Some days it's just too cold to go out! But that's tricky if you've got little ones with lots of energy. If you're like us and you get a little stir-crazy and you're desperate for new things to do with your baby or kids at home, we've rounded up some ideas that will hopefully inspire you and occupy your Littles!

Some of our favorite things to do are build epic forts, bake healthy muffins or chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles, take an extra long bubble bath (that smells like honeysuckle and quince of course), set up a living room picnic lunch, and throw a surprise pizza + family movie night. Incorporating fun lights like this rotating disco ball, favorite music, or a delicious snack can cheer up almost any gloomy day where you'll all stuck inside.

If you're feeling up to messy but extra exciting indoor activities that will engage your toddler for a longer period of time, try sensory bins full of dried pasta, cornmeal, dish soap bubbles, or dried beans. Include safe kitchen tools like whisks, measuring cups, spoons, and salad tongs or small toys for even more fun.

Painting and crafting is always a big hit. Try homemade play dough, whipped cream with food coloring, watercolors, or vegetable painting. If you're feeling crafty, pull out some string and beads and make necklaces and bracelets together. Or design a family portrait with various materials like crayons, photos, cut up pictures from a magazine, and glue. When you're making things together, the possibilities are endless.

We asked our mamas in the Tubby Todd Mamas Facebook group what their favorite indoor activities were and we got some super creative ideas we plan on adding to our wintertime repertoire:

  1. Impromptu dance parties! Joslynn Barton
  2. Scavenger hunts! Our three year old loves when we hide his "snuggle pals" around the house and he has to find them When he starts to get bored w/ it ~ we switch rooms and pals! --Alyssa Burkholder
  3. We bring snow inside and make mini snowmen! -- Alex Ford
  4. So much reading on the couch! It's almost becoming my favorite season because I can't get them to sit still, cuddle, and read with me hardly ever when it's nice outside. Also, they love the library (2 & 4 year olds) which is awesome because I can easily nurse my baby and such while they explore the books, play with puppets, and interact with other kids there. The library is such a low stress, family friendly outing during cold months. Also, free! --Naomi Ruth Jenkins
  5. 5 year old and 8 month old here. Lots of LEGO at our house. We also play with kinetic sand, water beads, read books, play board games, Kiwi Crate projects, and cook together. Sometimes we veg out with a good movie. Oh, and paper airplanes and magnatiles are a big hit! --Thy Vu Mims
  6. Lots of water color painting (use a big sheet on the floor and let them go to town) bath tub paint + afternoon bath, baking, busy box (a container of new stickers, coloring books, small toys and crafts for her to choose from on snow days), homemade play dough, and red light / green light with lots of dance parties to get the wiggles out! --Natalie Fernandez
  7. We go to the library or the mall! Granted mine is only 7 mo, but we both get cabin fever!! --Katie Lantakh

Thank you so much for sharing your tips for keeping our kids and ourselves sane during the winter months. We'd love to hear your ideas of what to do with kids during the winter. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with #tubbytoddindoorplay. Hang in there everybody! We got this.