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5 Reasons Why Feeding Children in the Bath is one of our favorite Mom Hacks

Evenings stretching a little too long? Run out of activities to try to keep your kids occupied until bedtime? Tired of cleaning under the high chair? Feed your kids in the bath!
Before you get too grossed out imagining your baby eating strawberry yogurt in the tub or your toddler holding a taco in one hand and a bath toy in the other, let us talk you through just five of the reasons why feeding your kids in the bath is one of our favorite Mom Hacks of all time.

1) It's novel

If everyone is feeling cooped up, teasing each other, or whining, switching gears to do something totally new and fun is a great way to increase morale. 

2) No mess
Just spoon feed them simple cereals or soft foods like sweet potato, oatmeal, or yogurt, or let them eat provisions-style with a plate of chopped fruits and veggies, cheese, and meat. Or go in and feed them the messiest entrees you can imagine. Spaghetti and meatballs is a big hit in our home. Any drips, spills, crumbs, splashes clean themselves up thanks to the bathwater. You will NOT be cleaning the floor under the high chair tonight. Yay!

3) Two birds with one stone
Dinner and bath at the same time? Done. Now you can spend more time chatting and playing during bath time instead of rushing towards the next bedtime routine steps. Or, spend less time during bath time and more time with your preferred part of the bedtime routine: reading and cuddling. It's up to you!

4) Say yes to messy treats
Surprise those little people you love more than anything in the world with a very special treat. Choose the messiest treat you can imagine and let 'em at it. It's so satisfying to watch them cover themselves in chocolate ice cream or red Popsicle and know that the bath will take care of it. You're just there to watch and enjoy.

5) Make it special
Caring for children is an endless string of monotonous tasks. It's good to break out of our routine and be spontaneous with our kids. Invite your bathing beauties to choose a couple toys that are water-friendly but aren't typically bath toys and bring 'em into the tub. Or, let them soak in the "special" guest bathroom bathtub. Drop some bubble bath, bath crayons, or color tablets into the water. Play kid's music and sing together. Warm their towels in the dryer so when they get out, they're nice and toasty. Climb in with them and play!

So, what do you guys think? Would you feed your kids in the bath? Do you do this already? Does it work for you as well as it does for us? We're excited to hear your thoughts. Share with us on Instastories @tubbytodd!

The Soapbox: 5 Things I'm loving right now for Easter

We love chocolate and jelly jeans as much as the next family, but I'm trying to break out of my sugar overload default this year. We have pictures of Walker covered with chocolate and Josie over-the-moon hyper and I feel like I want to do something different this year. So here's five things I'm excited to surprise my family with this year!

Springtime bubble bath 

A Springtime bubble bath--of course we do a lot of bubble baths at the Williams house, but I love doing super special holiday baths. I'll throw some flower petals in the bath water, along with Pomegranate Pear bubbles, and a few new bath toys we're loving. Brian and I will hang out in there with all three of them in the tub and talk and have a bathtub dance party. Pomegranate Pear bubble bath smells amazing, and with the Fresh Floral wash...seriously, I want to nibble those babies all up.

Date Card for our kids

Instead of getting a few crappy toys, I'm going to grab some movie tickets and give them each a date card with Brian and I. One on one time with my kids is good for my soul. Experience over things!

New book

My kids love books so I think we're going to do a few new ones. I want to check out this book about colors, Mix it Up, and One Thousand Things. What are you favorite children's books right now?

Easter Craft Project

Seedling makes the coolest craft projects that you can make as a whole family. I think I'll grab this kit to make your own bunny mask for Josie and this kit to color the Earth for Walker. Bonus, Easter stuff is 25% off right now.

Family pic

There's nothing we love more than pictures of ourselves so I'm going to finally print some wallet size prints of the kids and our whole family together from our recent trip to San Francisco. I love seeing where they choose to hang it--by their bed or tucked in their backpack.

 What do you put in your kid's Easter baskets? Doing anything different this year?

xx Andrea 

Our new Spring Line in collaboration with Hannah Carpenter

You've probably seen the beautiful images going around of our new Tubby Blooms line of Spring scents. We're so excited to finally share these with all of you. We've been dying to show you the Honeysuckle Blossom, Fresh Floral, and Pomegranate Pear trio and introduce you to Hannah Carpenter, the designer behind the pretty bottles. She's a mother of four living and working in Arkansas. We asked her a few questions about motherhood and this is what she told us:

1. What's the biggest lessons you have learned from being a mother?
The biggest lesson I have learned from being a mother is that your kids can teach you just as much, if not more, than you can teach them. So pay attention. 
2. What has mothering taught you about yourself? 
I love the concept of finding new things about yourself through motherhood rather than losing yourself in the self-sacrifice that is certainly a large part of the mothering process. Through motherhood, I have learned that I am capable of a lot more than I ever knew. Being a mom presents tasks you most likely never wanted to or knew you could tackle, though through it you realize the tasks have helped make you into a more well-developed and more capable person. 
What advice would you give yourself as a new mother?
3. If I were to give myself advice as a young mother it would be, have realistic expectations: for yourself, for your spouse, for your children, and for life in general. If you need to go in the back yard and fall on your face and have a good cry, you aren't a failure, you're just alive. 
Thank you so much, Hannah! If you'd like to shop the Limited Edition Spring Line, it's available here while supplies last.