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Safe Alternative to Bleach

By Ali

Spit up happens. Blowouts happen. And once your newborn is past the spit up stage, they enter the high chair stage, which is just as messy! (Spaghetti sauce everywhere.) Baby messes not only catch you completely off guard, but they aren't exactly easy stains to get out of those darling little onesies.

This summer we're bringing the clothesline back in style! Bleach might be effective, but it's full of nasty chemicals. (Have you read the lengthy warning label on the front of it?) Try this trick the next time you're frustrated with stains: 

Beach Baby: How to Keep Beach Sand at the Beach

By Mindi
Ahhh, the beach. Paradise, right? Just the smell of the salty sea air can bring your blood pressure down a few notches. But what happens when you go to pack up the car and see bucket-fulls of beach sand cascading onto your upholstery? Kill your beach buzz?
Don’t worry, Mama. We feel your pain! Here are three great ways to keep beach sand at the beach:

5 Date Ideas for New Parents

By Mindi

Having a baby often strengthens a couple’s love for each other. But there’s nothing like 9 months of pregnancy — followed by sleepless nights and sore bosoms — to kill a romance. Plus, with a new baby in the house, it’s easy to become consumed with caregiving. Making time for each other can help you restore balance in your life and in your relationship.

Here are a few ideas for rekindling the romance without spending a fortune:

Behind the Scenes: A Peek at Tubby Tropics

We are so excited to announce our newest products to the Tubby Todd Family: Tubby Tropics! We do a limited edition collection every quarter but we may be more excited about this one than we've ever been. They just smell so freaking good!

Tropical Papaya Bubble Bath
Pineapple & Passionfruit Body Wash
Coconut & Shea Butter Everyday Lotion

INGREDIENTS: Just like all Tubby Todd products, these limited edition summer scents are all-natural and made with plant-based ingredients. Not only do they smell like a tropical vacation, they work! The Hair and Body Wash is so gentle it can be used on tiny newborns, effective enough to work on your stinky toddler, and yummy enough adults will love it too! Tropical Papaya Bubble Bath is gentle and fun for the whole family. And the Coconut & Shea Butter Everyday Lotion is pure bliss. BLISS!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Developing a new scent is a big process that requires a lot of research, testing, and collaboration in the Tub Hub. Every time we introduce a new product, it's a huge accomplishment. (And we all kind of want to take a nap!) We're so excited to share these beautiful bottles designed by Katrina Hicks. We love the bright and colorful patterns and hope you do too!

ANDREA'S FAVORITE SCENT: Coconut & Shea Butter Lotion of course! We can't wait to hear what you and your friends think of them. Tag us @tubbytodd when you're opening your packages so we can see your first reactions!

xx Team Tubby


3 Steps to baby soft feet

Walking around barefoot or wearing flip flops can really dry out your heels. Do you get dry, cracking, flaky, tough heels too? We've got a simple solution. Follow our steps for three days and you'll see amazing results.


Let feet dry for three minutes, then pull on cotton socks. Works best if you can sleep all night like that, or do it during the day and put on socks. Next time you bathe, use an exfoliating tool or loofa to scrub those babies. Then, reapply lotion + all over ointment each night until your heels are healed.You should see improvement in one night!