Meet All Over Ointment!

Say hello to AOO—a balm for everything! This rich, creamy ointment is made from plant-based extracts like jojoba, honeysuckle, and camellia to naturally moisturize and protect skin. Perfect for eczema-prone or sensitive skin of all types.

Over 4,000 5-star reviews

baby before and after

Name: Melinda V.

My little one had baby acne and this was the difference after just two days of use! Amazing product.

baby before (top two photos) and after (bottom two photos)

Name: Kaylin W.

This has helped with my babies eczema extremely well! No more breakouts, her skin babysoft, it used to be super rought and dry. This had honestly cleared up every area of eczema. And with being all natural she doesnt have a bad reaction or act like it burns like with most other products!

Baby on blanket while Mama's hand holds an All Over Ointment

Name: Mimi F.

We started using this on his little baby acne and then his cradle cap! It’s worked wonders and his acne cleared up in a day!!