Our last stop on the Tubby Todd Baby Massage Tour

Join us at one of four locations for a Baby Massage class with your little one. Learn about the benefits of baby massage and try our new Tubby Todd Massage Oil. Baby massage is all about connecting with your little ones and figuring out new and innovative ways to find that mama + baby connection.

Here are some of the tips you will take away from the class!

  • First, you will receive a Mama Tote which includes a Tubby Todd Baby Massage Oil, plus other goodies
  • Watch and learn how to give your baby a full-body massage
  • Practice ways to relieve gas, constipation, colic, and stress
  • Learn how to enhance brain development, emotional and physical health for your baby

    Los Angeles, CA 

    Saturday, October 20th
    12-1:30 pm PST

    5259 Pico Boulevard 
    Los Angeles, CA 90019