Mamas Who Know Best Practices:

The Mamas Who Know program allows Tubby Todd Mamas to earn (cash) commission by introducing new customers to Tubby Todd through their referral link. Please review the following guidelines to get the best results from the program:

Referral Link & Discount Code: Your personal referral link is for you to share with friends, family, and your network. Do not post your link on Tubby Todd social media accounts including: @tubbytodd Instagram, Tubby Todd Bath Co. Facebook, Tubby Todd Mamas Facebook Group and all Tubby Todd social advertising. We will remove comments and posts as needed so please be kind and only share with people you know! :)

Tubby Todd reserves the right to review any activity that goes against these guidelines regarding any discount code, including using a different email address to gain commission/discounts through self-referral or submitting your discount code to a 3rd-party referral or affiliate marketing website. We may delay or disqualify referrals and/or commission.  

Your discount code cannot be combined with any other Tubby Todd discounts or promotions. One discount code is allowed per order. 

How you earn a commission: A referred customer must click through your link in order to register the purchase to your Mamas Who Know account and earn a 10% commission.

How your friends get a discount: A referred customer can access a 10% discount by following your unique link.

Payment: Your earned commission will be paid in the middle of each month for the month prior. Payments are made via Paypal - keep your payment information up to date on the SETTINGS tab of your dashboard.

Tubby Todd reserves the right to close accounts that do not follow the best practice guidelines.
You've got this, Mama!