Cranberry Mandarin Collection including Hair + Body Wash, Everyday Lotion, Hair Conditioner, and Bubble Bath with red velvet curtain against background and oranges and cranberries in the foreground
Tubby Christmas bottles are standing on the table, and the boy and his mom playing in the living room.
person holding up Cranberry Mandarin Hair + Body Wash with bubbles red velvet curtain background
person holding up Cranberry Mandarin Everyday Lotion with lotion texture green velvet background
The Boy is sitting on the table and the Cranberry Mandarin EDL bottle is standing in front of him.
Cranberry Mandarin Bubble Bath with bubbles foam around it green velvet curtain
A baby is smiling at a sink full of foam and a Tubby Christmas bottles are behind him.
Cranberry Mandarin Hair Condition sitting on piles of oranges and cranberries

Cranberry Mandarin Collection

You'll earn 230 Bubbles with this purchase.


Our fan-fave Cranberry Mandarin scent is back for the season (let's be honest, it just wouldn't be the holidays without it!). Shop four Tubby staple products in this deliciously festive scent to bring some seasonal magic to your bathtime and skincare routine, plus save when you shop bundles and sets!   

Cranberry Mandarin is available in:

  • 25oz Hair + Body Wash
  • 25oz Everyday Lotion
  • 25oz Bubble Bath
  • 25oz Conditioner

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Natural Fragrances
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