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My name is Andrea. I live in San Diego with my husband Brian and my two little ones, Josie Jean (3 years old) and Walker Todd (13 months.) For a year and a half I have been creating the perfect bath wash for our little ones- Tubby Todd Bath Co. I can't tell you how good it feels to finally have a product in hand to share with you- especially since it is a product we could not be more proud of.

Our goal is to make safe, natural products that will inspire creativity and imagination in your little ones. Growing up my parents instilled in us a passion to create and take charge of our lives. When I was 9 I sold beaded necklaces at the local coffee shop, when I was 12, I started kids camps with my friends. And last year, I published my first book, Tell Me About It Sister! As a mom of two little ones, my goal is to help my children find what passion they have in their lives. My hope for my them is that they will take every opportunity to use their imagination, create, get dirty, and tackle an adventure. Because I want to lead by example, I have set out to create the best bath products on the market.

Bath time is the ideal time as a parent, isn't it? The lack of distractions allows a clear two way communication. Kids are happy, contained and safe- this makes it easy for parents to give them their full attention. Some of my best moments as a mom have been centered around bath time. Whether I’m bathing my tiny newborn in the sink for the first time or helping my toddler learn her letters while in the bathtub, this time serves as a way to block out the world and really connect.  

To make bath time the most it can be, I have partnered with some of the finest formulators so that parents can trust our products. We have used all natural ingredients so you don’t have to question whether or not it's something that will work for your family. But, I also know kids don’t care too much about clean materials and natural soaps, so we have joined forces with a phenomenal illustrator and graphic designer to help make our bottles something parents and kids are equally excited to have in their home. I think this winning combination will change bath time—for the better—for your family.

Thank you so much for following along! In the last few weeks since we first started sharing our product I have been thrilled, humbled and overwhelmed by the response. I keep saying to Brian, "They like us! They really like us!" Ha! But seriously, thank you for taking this bath time journey with us- we can't wait to hear what adventure your family finds along the way. 


Andrea Faulkner Williams 

PS These images are from a shoot we did with the talented Heather Mildenstein in my friend Alexis Dyer's amazing bathroom. I think a bathroom shoot is such a fun way to capture a different, more relaxed side of your family. Plus, there is no worrying about keeping their clothes clean until the picture is taken!


Mother holding baby

baby in the bathtub



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