Tubby Todd + The Drybar — One for the Books!

Remember when we hung out in 5 different cities? All over the US?! It was magical!

This year, we have traveled to Washington DC, Denver, Dallas, Scottsdale and San Diego. Each event sold out and was completely filled with mamas who took a night off to come relax and have fun. We called these events a book tour, but really it was just an excuse to get out of the house and be together as mamas!

As the tour has come to an end, everyone keeps asking me which event I enjoyed the most. I loved the soul of DC, the creative energy in Denver, the sweetness of Texas and the brightness of Scottsdale. And then, of course, San Diego just felt like home with so many friends and team members that came that I have loved for years. Traveling to five events in just a month was maybe a little more than this tired, working mom-to-three was cut out for, but I will always be grateful for the experience. After talking to over 300 of you, signing your books, hearing your stories and giving you hugs, I was reminded of two things over and over again:

1. The Tubby todd mama community is filled with beautiful, kind women who love their babies.

2. You LOVE our products because they have filled a need in your home.

These two reminders have given me so much passion and drive to continue to build our product line and expand our reach to share this Tubby Todd goodness with all families, all over the world.

A huge thank you to The Drybar — it was the absolute perfect place to have these five events. Thank you to our Tubby Todd team, to our sponsors and everyone who made these events possible! They were the perfect way to celebrate a book that encourages self care for all mamas — You've Got This, Mama.

Xx Andrea

(Here are some of our favorite photos from the events!)

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