4 Steps to Taking Care of Sunburns

For all of the mamas who might not get quite enough sunscreen on their little ones (or on themselves!), our Dream Cream contains ingredients that restore moisture to dry or irritated skin. Aloe, shea butter, avocado and macadamia nut oil are just a few of the gentle ingredients that make our Dream Cream the ultimate after sun moisturizer. Here are four steps to taking care of sunburns on your little ones or yourself:
  1. Put your kiddos in the bath using Tubby Todd Bubble Bath. The bubbles will help calm down the irritated sun burn.
  2. After the bath, apply Dream Cream all over the body which will lock in the moisture for ultimate hydration.
  3. Seal in the hydration using All Over Ointment on top of the Dream Cream.
  4. Put on some clean and cool jammies (ones that don't scratch or rub).
This goes for you too, Mama! Everyone gets sunburns — that's the bottom line. We can make sure to use spf every day, but it can be easy to forget to reapply or miss a spot. Beat the inevitable by having a good solution for when they happen (AND stocking up on sunscreen)!

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