3 Simple Steps for Clearing Eczema Naturally

We're SUPER careful with what products we use on my son Walker's skin — he breaks out in horrible patches of eczema if we aren't careful. So we keep a strict daily regimen to keep his skin clear and free using Tubby Todd products. Here's how we do it!

No 1 · We always start with a gentle cleansing from head to toe with the signature Hair & Body Wash. It's formulated with plant oils and extracts such as lavender oil and rosemary leaf that naturally help treat skin irritations. (Go plants!) The Hair & Body wash leaves skin softer than before and doesn't dry it out, which we have found is key in controlling eczema.

No 2 · We lightly dry off and grab the Everyday Lotion, rubbing it all over his arms, legs, and chest. The Everyday Lotion has cocoa butter in it, which is excellent for helping skin retain moisture. (You might feel like a basic lotion isn't moisturizing enough for your babe with dry skin and be tempted to skip this step, but don't! Instead, we also love using a heavier cream like the Dream Cream, which is especially wonderful for the winter months.)

No 3 · The All Over Ointment is Walker's favorite part! It's a thick, white cream that we use to spot treat, and it soothes all of his eczema patches. This salve/cream combo takes more effort to rub in than our other moisturizers do because as it hydrates it's creating a water-resistant barrier on the skin. We like to apply a layer right before bedtime so it can work its magic overnight.

We hope that helps! Repeat this process as needed to keep flare-ups and skin irritations to a minimum. For us, it's an essential daily routine to keep his skin huggable and kissable!
Questions? We'd love to help! Email us at info@tubbytodd.com.

Zui Haw

I actually have a question. My little girl is now 4 yrs old and still have eczema. She’s still under medication with steroids. I am so tired of using it and worried bec of steroids. She’ll get a little better then once I wean her off from medicines, eczema flares-up again with a vengeance. So, I’m wondering if it’s ok to use your product while my daughter is still using non-steroidal meds like Eucrisa? Or I should just try all your product bundle alone?

Danielle Lore

My 5 week old son was just diagnosed with eczema. He is in the middle of a flare up right now. Doctors recommended baby eucerin and aquaphor but was told about this. He has super sensitive skin and I was told to do fragrance free and dye free products. Will this work ok for him? Is there a bundle with all of these products mentioned or should I just buy them individually?