What to wear when you're pregnant but barely showing


Those first few months of pregnancy can be tough for so many reasons. Believe me, I know! Nausea, hormones and exhaustion are just a few of the reasons that make it tough to get up and get out of the house every single day. This pregnancy I made a few really great purchases my first trimester that helped me make it through comfortably, and gave me something to look forward to wearing when I felt too sick to shimmy into my skinny jeans.

1. Stretchy pants and long sweaters.

  • Pants: Free People. Every woman NEEDS these pants! They are so comfy and have the perfect waist band. It's like the skinny girls at Free People realized we all weren't as skinny as they are! Thank goodness! I love these pants because even when my jeans still fit, I feel so bloated that it feels nice to never have to button anything during my first trimester.
  • Top: Anthropologie. Oversized sweaters are all over the place and it is so helpful! This one is nice because it goes long in back and has some built in room for growth!

2. Overalls. All day every single day if possible.

  • Overalls: Anthropologie. When I'm nauseous I can't handle anything touching my waist, so most days I have been in a romper or overalls. This particular pair is made from a durable corduroy and has made my life so much easier as a mom of two small kids. 

3. Shirtdresses.

  • Shirtdress: Madewell. I struggled to know what to wear in our family pictures because by now I am showing, but my bump doesn't really work in maternity clothes yet. Shirtdresses have been so helpful because they are roomy enough to hide my belly at most angles, and so comfortable to wear. They also allow room for growth, which we all know is coming. :)
  • Shirtdress: Flor de Luz. My other FAVORITE shirtdress is the Flor de Luz dress. Because every pregnant woman deserves a mumu.

What have been a few staples in your wardrobe that have helped you through your first trimester? I'd love to hear!



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