Five Tips for Taking Care of Newborn Skin

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Keeping newborn skin moisturized and fresh is one of the most challenging aspects of being a new parent. Here are five tips for sealing in moisture on your newborn's skin.

Layers on Layers

We can't stress enough about laying products onto newborn skin to add and preserve moisture. Our favorite layering order is to apply Everyday Lotion following bath time when skin is still moist, and then spot treat with All Over Ointment on irritated skin patches or as needed. The more layers of light moisture you apply to your babe's skin throughout the day, the more hydrated it will stay and the more resistant it will be to rashes and skin irritants.

Scrub a Dub Dub

Newborn skin is notorious for being flaky, dry, and bumpy. During bath time, use our Hair & Body Wash and a baby brush (or your fingertips!) on baby's scalp to help remove cradle cap by continuously scraping dry skin until area is smooth. Not only will this exfoliate the dead skin on scalp, but will also help skin circulation all over. After bathtime place a thin layer of AOO on baby's scalp (it will be a little sticky!) and wash out in the morning. Remember to also spot treat any acne prone spots as well with AOO.

Moisture Is Key

Here's a good rule of thumb: your baby's skin should be moisturized every diaper change. Make it a habit to have AOO, Dream Cream, or Everyday Lotion close to your changing station or in your diaper bag.

Skin-on-skin Connection

There's always an excuse to have a skin-on-skin connection with your baby. Babies thrive on feeling the warmth and texture of their mom or dad's skin, which helps with cognitive response. This grows an intimate bond that is difficult to obtain through any other method. A relaxing way to get that contact is by using our Baby Massage Oil & Washcloths. Before you have a go, read about The Benefits of Baby Massage and Five Ways to Give a Baby Massage.

Tubby Is Better

When using the correct products, bath time can actually help rehydrate skin, calm your little one, and help your little one stay fresh and clean. Don't be afraid to bathe your newborn every day or as much as you feel it is needed—use products that replenish moisture like our Hair & Body Wash and our Baby Fresh Spray in between washes. Our Botanical Shield formula (found in every Tubby Todd product) makes it so you can freshen up your baby every few hours, while keeping their skin smooth and moisturized.

To take care of your newborn's skin, shop the Tubby Todd Newborn Bundle—six essential products that will keep your newborn's skin soft and moisturized.

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