2024 Tubby Todd Resolutions

We're ready for you, 2024! Every year we set some resolutions for ourselves as a brand and it's important to us that we share them with all of you, our TT fams! Over the next 12 months we're dedicating ourselves to a new set of goals centered around our main brand values like giving back, reducing our eco footprint and above all else CONNECTING with our community. 

We can't even tell you how lucky we feel to have so many fams that love our products enough to use them in their own homes (and recommend them to their own friends and loved ones). Whether you're new to Tubby Todd or have been here since the very beginning (10 years!) we just want to say we're SO glad you're here! Our #1 job is to encourage and support you and your little ones from the bath tub and beyond! Let's have some good, clean fun this year!

Resolution 1: Give back to 30,000 families in need 

How we'll do it: By supporting our charitable giving partners including Baby2Baby and The Humble Village Project through product donations and fundraisers. We plan to create more ways for you to join in too, along with scheduling more in-person volunteering opportunities for our team.

Resolution 2: Connect with 10,000 families 

How we'll do it: By throwing tons of parties! But for real, we're planning a whoooole bunch of playdates, pop-ups and hang-outs so we can meet and connect with even more of you in the year to come. See you soon!

Resolution 3: Make more accessible refill solutions for our core products

How we'll do it: By exploring eco-friendly refill packaging for our top selling products that our fams repurchase over and over. 

Resolution 4: Launch two new sensitive skincare solutions

How we'll do it: By identifying the sensitive skincare concerns that our community is looking for help solving—and then making it happen! We're hard at work already so keep an eye out for your next fave Tubby Todd product in the near future!


Remember our 2023 resolutions? Here's an update on what we were able to achieve last year!

2023 Resolution: Donate skincare essentials to 25,000 families in need

How we did: We EXCEEDED our 2023 giving back goal! With the help of our charitable giving partners like Baby2Baby we donated a total of 25,175 families in need throughout the US. And (as you might have noticed in our 2024 reso's) we aren't slowing down any time soon!

2023 Resolution: Apply eco-friendly packaging solutions to at least 30% of our product line

How we did: This goal is still very much in progress! The biggest stride we made is that ALL new products launched in 2023 feature some percentage PCR packaging (with Deo Stick being 100% PCR!). 

2023 Resolution: Connect in person with 6,000 Tubby Todd families across the US

How we did: So close! By our estimates we met up with about 5,000 Tubby Todd fams across the entire country through various playdates, brand pop-ups, Tub Hub events and more.


Do you have a suggestion for an organization that you would like to see us partner with/support or an area we should visit to host an event or playdate? Drop us an email at customercare@tubbytodd.com to tell us all about it! 

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