2023 Tubby Todd Resolutions

Goodbye 2022, hellooooooo 2023! Every year we set some resolutions for ourselves as a brand and it's important to us that we share them with all of you, our TT fams! In 2023 we're dedicating ourselves to a new set of goals centered around our main brand values like giving back, reducing our eco footprint and above all else CONNECTING with our community.

We can't even tell you how lucky we feel to have so many fams that love our products enough to use them in their own homes (and recommend them to their own loved ones). Whether you're new to Tubby Todd or have been here since the beginning we just want to say welcome and we're SO glad you're here! Our #1 job is to encourage and support you and your little ones from the bath tub and beyond! Let's have some good, clean fun this year!

Resolution 1: Donate skincare essentials to 25,000 families in need

How we'll do it: Through continued partnerships with family-focused organizations that work to directly help those in need like Baby2BabyThe Humble Village Project and more. We also donate directly to our community through initiatives like our Nominate a Family campaign.

Giving generously is a core value at TT and we take this responsibility seriously.

Resolution 2: Apply eco-friendly packaging solutions to at least 30% of our product line

How we'll do it: By approaching all new product creation with sustainable packaging in mind! We're committed to investing in bottles and tubes that are both functional and earth friendly.

For our existing product line we're in progress conducting packaging research and testing with the goal of finding a quality sustainable packaging solution for our top selling products (AOO, Hair + Body Wash, Everyday Lotion and Bubble Bath).

Resolution 3: Connect in person with 6,000 Tubby Todd families across the US

How we'll do it: We have BIG plans to pop-up, play and party IRL with our TT mamas and families across the US in the year ahead. Keep an eye on our event calendar and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get invitations for events in your area. Let's hang out!


Do you have a suggestion for an organization that you would like to see us partner with/support or an area we should visit to host an event or playdate? Drop us an email at customercare@tubbytodd.com to tell us all about it! 

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