2022 Tubby Todd Resolutions Recap


2022 is almost over and we're holding ourselves accountable with a recap on how we did achieving our resolutions for the year! It's important to us that we continue to share our progress with our TT fams so you know exactly where we're at and what we were able to accomplish.

We had a blast in 2022 and feel so proud of how far we've come as a brand. 


Our main goal above all else is to help families find moments of connection through everyday rituals like skincare and bathtime. One of the ways we help provide that is through our products—we only want the very best for our fams! We are also dedicated to giving back to our incredible TT community. Below, find a recap of the resolutions we set for ourselves at the beginning of 2022 and see how we did in fulfilling them!


Resolution: Host weekly events

In 2022 we want to spend more time together and we will do this through more in person and virtual events! Our goal is to share the joy of our community by telling their stories⁠ and to continue to support and inspire our Tubby Todd Mamas and families. This will include weekly classes in our Tub Hub in Carlsbad, CA, seasonal events and weekly virtual lives on our social channels. Get ready to hang. 👋


Recap: Yes, we achieved this goal in 2022 through IG lives, launching our Tubby TV channel, pop-up shops in LA & Nashville, community events at the Tub Hub and hosting 2 of the biggest events in TT history (San Diego and St. Louis Playdates).


Resolution: Launch new Tubby Todd Core Products

As our family grows so do the skincare needs of our little ones. In 2022 we will be introducing 6 new products focused on the unique needs of little ones, specifically kids ages 6-11. Each new core products has been developed with the intention to offer families safe, effective products that help their little ones take care of themselves and mama earth. These products have been years in the making and we know you’re gonna love them as much as we do! 


Recap: So close! We were able to launch 3 new products this year (we're looking at you Mineral Mist, Sundercover and AOO w/ Colloidal Oatmeal 👀), 14 seasonal scents and an expansion of our Fragrance Free line. Keep an eye out early 2023 for some brand new Tubby Todd products!!


Resolution: Donate 1% of top-line to families in need 

We are excited to partner again with Baby2Baby and other non-profits to provide body care basics to families in need. Our #tubbycares campaigns have been the highlight of our 2021 and we will continue to share these stories of giving and love that are taking place through our charitable giving campaigns. Know an organization in need of bubbles? Let us know, we are always looking for more ways to help. 


Recap: Achieved! We donated products to over 17,000 families in need. We partnered with charitable organizations like Baby2Baby and The Humble Village Project to achieve this goal and we also gave back directly to our community through initiatives like our Nominate a Family Campaign!

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