Seohee's BIG Baby Shower Giveaway

Tubby Todd senior designer Seohee Cho

Meet Seohee Cho! Tubby Todd senior designer and soon-to-be first-time mama! We were SO excited when we heard Seohee was expecting her first little one that in true Tubby Todd fashion (no really, Andrea, Becky and Adrianna can all confirm) we knew we had to turn her baby shower into a huge party AND giveaway! Seohee has selected all her first-time mama must-haves and we want to gift them all to one of you!

Check out the details at the link below but first, a little about our sweet, talented Seohee!


Q: Describe your personal style in 3 words

A: Casual, romantic, comfortable

Q: What are the must-haves you’ve stocked up on in preparation for being a new mama?

A: Cozy robe and pajama set! 

Q: What’s your favorite Tubby Todd product for yourself and what have you stock-piled for when little one gets here?

A: I like Belly Oil! I use it every night after taking a shower and massage my belly with plenty of oil. And, since the baby is due this winter, I'll stock up on AOO, Dream Cream and Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste for my baby's cheeks and bum! (Even though we are in California, winter is coming!!)

Q: How do you plan to incorporate your love of art into Baby’s nursery?

A: I’m still thinking of how can I make his place special and creative using my talent, but it can be a stress for me! Haha SO, I just started to make his nursery by matching the colors of items and making them look comfortable and cozy for him (as far as I can). But, I’m also planning some special gifts for my baby boy…like a drawing or handmade something!

Q: What are you looking forward to most when it comes to first-time mamahood?

A: Everything! His first laugh, babbling, words (like mama and dada), first tooth and steps, etc. And also, I’m looking forward to seeing us becoming a family of three. Especially, seeing Thomas doing well as a dad (no doubt)!

Q: Are there any traditions or elements of your Korean culture that you’re most excited to celebrate with your little one?

A: First of all, celebrating his 100 Days which is a Korean tradition! ⁣Back in the day, many infants didn’t survive past 100 days so when a baby reached this milestone, the family threw a celebration.

AND, a long-standing Korean tradition is to celebrate a baby’s first birthday with a grand ceremony called Doljanchi (which means 1st Birthday Party). The primary purpose of the ceremony is to bless the baby with a prosperous future and a healthy life. A particular highlight of the event is called the Doljabi.

Doljabi is a tradition where the baby is placed in front of various items (typically 8 to 10). The baby is then encouraged to grab one or two items from the selection. The choice the baby makes represents a prediction of their future with respect to career or lifestyle.

Item examples (traditional + new things these days):

Silk: Long life/healthy

Money: Reach

Stethoscope: Doctor

Judge stick: Lawyer

Pencil/book: Professor

Golf/ball: Sportsman/women

Mic: Entertainer

Mouse: Tech expert

Art brush: Artist

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