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Best Board Books

By Mindi Bullick

A great board book is the best—a gateway to the imagination that doubles as a chew toy. In summer, after long days of soaking up the sun, it can give you and your snuggle-bunny a chance to seek adventure from the blessed comfort of the living room couch.

Here are a few all-time favorites you might think about adding to your library:

3 Steps to baby soft feet

Walking around barefoot or wearing flip flops can really dry out your heels. Do you get dry, cracking, flaky, tough heels too? We've got a simple solution. Follow our steps for three days and you'll see amazing results.


Let feet dry for three minutes, then pull on cotton socks. Works best if you can sleep all night like that, or do it during the day and put on socks. Next time you bathe, use an exfoliating tool or loofa to scrub those babies. Then, reapply lotion + all over ointment each night until your heels are healed.You should see improvement in one night!

The Best Tubby Todd Dads

We're always talking about Tubby Todd Mama this, Tubby Todd Mama that, but since Father's Day is just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to hear all about your Tubby Todd Dads. We had no idea we'd get THIS BIG of a response. Holy cow! We received many sweet, funny, heartfelt submissions from moms all over bragging about their boos. We can't tell you how much we loved pouring over these submissions from you Tubby Todd Mamas! There wasn't a dry eye in the house and it *made* our week. Want to see our five winners? (And a few more of our favs?!) Scroll through to read their stories and see their hilarious nicknames....