Yes, you can use Tubby Todd on your face!

A collage of two texture shots of AOO being rubbed on a mama's hand

By Alie

You’ve asked, so we’re answering: Can I put Tubby Todd lotions on my face??

Yes, go for it! We wholeheartedly approve! We didn’t realize it was one of our best-kept secrets — many of us who work for Tubby Todd (myself included) have been using the Tubby Todd moisturizers lineup on our faces for years.

If you’ve got dry or combination skin like me, you know what a struggle it can be to keep it moisturized. Some parts of your face are oily, and other parts are dry, patchy, and flaky. Here’s how I use both the Dream Cream and the All Over Ointment for my sensitive face:

DREAM CREAM: Over the years my skin has become increasingly more sensitive to the products I put on it. If I’m not careful, my cheeks break out in mild rosacea! (Which isn’t exactly the blush-pink I’m going for on my cheekbones.) This past winter I found the Dream Cream was a great solution — the organic aloe, sweet almond oil, and macadamia oil in it helped calm the redness on my cheeks and completely evened out my skin tone. Miracle!

ALL OVER OINTMENT: As the weather has warmed up for summer I craved a change in routine, so I decided to give our All Over Ointment a try. I love love love the glow it gives me! I apply it once or twice a day and it gives me a fresh, dewy look that I love! In addition to being 100% natural, it’s deeply moisturizing and non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores). It has beeswax, a magical antibacterial ingredient that can actually help heal acne, and jojoba esters that gently and naturally exfoliate your skin to smooth rough and flaky patches. It’s been so wonderful for improving my skin’s texture.

So yes, you can absolutely use Tubby Todd moisturizers on your face. If you have sensitive skin like us, we encourage you to try it out!

Just before bed tonight, rub a small dab of Dream Cream or All Over Ointment on your face. Leave it there, and get some beauty sleep. In the morning you’ll find your skin is smoother, plumper, and more evenly moisturized! (And as an added bonus, your makeup will go on smoother, too.) Enjoy your skin, beautiful mama!

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