3 Step Solution to Sensitive Skin

Is there anything more sad than seeing your baby in pain? All you want to do is make it better. Tubby Todd is here to help your child have the softest, smoothest skin so you have one less thing to worry about. After all, Tubby Todd was created by a mom who was fed up by lotions, creams, and washes that claimed to help eczema but did nothing to help her little boy. Mama, if anybody's got you, we do. So listen up!

Does your child have any of the following skin symptoms:

    • flaky skin
    • ashy hands, face, arms, legs
    • rough red patches
    • open sores
    • itchy, scaly skin
    • cracked, peeling skin anywhere on the body
    • splotchy red rashes
    • mysterious red spots
    • extremely sensitive areas
    • hay fever, seasonal allergies, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, dye sensitivities
    • irritation after swimming 
    • teething rash
    • raw skin around nose, mouth, and cheeks during a cold
    • diaper rash
    • cradle cap
    • chafing from sand and sun exposure
    • chafing from thumb sucking
    • high sensitivity to scents, textures, temperature

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, try our Tubby Todd tried-and-true steps for caring for sensitive skin! 




Step 1. Wash

Using our Lavender and Rosemary Hair and Body Wash ensures your child is being washed in clean, non-irritating ingredients. Nix all other drugstore products and use *only* Tubby Todd in and out of the bath for best results.

Step 2. Everyday Lotion

Using our Lavender and Rosemary Everyday Lotion (or Limited Edition Everyday Lotions--Tubby Tropics summer scents coming in June!) is the first step after tubby time. Towel dry your child, give them a toy to hold, and go to town massaging this sweet lotion into every inch of that baby. This is the base coat of moisture. Daily use of Everyday Lotion keeps sensitive skin smooth and supple. (Try our 25 oz pump Extra Tubby size!)

Step 3. Ointment

Grab your All Over Ointment tub and rub into those pesky red spots, rough patches, teething rashes, cradle cap, diaper rash, etc. All Over Ointment is the final step in your daily moisturizing routine. And it's NOT GREASY. Hooray!



Many parents see improvement overnight by using our 3 Step Solution, which is incredible. We're guessing you'll see softer, smoother skin within 2-3 weeks. Our BASICS bundle is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started on your family's 3 Step Solution to sensitive skin. 

Images by @brookefield