Tubby Todd Toothpaste: Tips for Fun Brushing

Have a squirmy little one or tricky toddler who is less than excited when it's time to brush teeth? Here are some of our favorite tips to keep babes occupied during that recommended two minutes of brush time (we know, might as well be FOREVER). Click HERE to shop Tubby Todd Toothpaste!

Establish a Brushing Routine

If your kiddo knows that brushing is a non-optional part of their morning and evening routine it will be easier to make it happen! Download our Brush It Like It Matters chart below so they can track their progress and earn rewards for keeping their sweet smile in tip top shape.

Play a Favorite Song

If your little one is into music this is a great way to keep them entertained during brush time! If they have a favorite song, find the two minute mark and let them know exactly how it sounds so they can look forward to recognizing that spot and knowing that they're all finished brushing!

Tell a Silly Story

Grab your Tubby Todd Toothpaste and get your babe's brush ready. Have them pick an animal, vegetable, object—and have them choose a name (we'll give you some starter ideas: Timmy the Tooth, Princess Glisten, Buster the Bucktoothed Beaver...ok we're stuck on the toothpaste thing but they can choose anything they want!). Set up a timer on your phone and make up a 2-minute story about the character they created!

Show, Don't Tell

Teach your kiddo the importance of brushing by grabbing your own toothbrush and joining them at the sink! You can even turn it into a game and have them copy your exact movements to make sure they're cleaning those cute chompers thoroughly!

Download our Brush It Like It Matters chart to help make fresh breath fun!

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