4 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids can be challenging and complicated. So today we're sharing four expert tips from stellar globe-trotting mamas who travel often with their kids.

 TRAVEL TIP #1, from @thealisonshow:

My best travel tip is to try to have almost no expectations! Or more specifically decide on just one. When we went to Hawaii with 3 kids who are 6 and under, I set my top priority and expectation as: spending lots of quality time with my kids by giving them my undivided attention. So when Rad (3) threw up multiple times all over our rental car on a twisty road, or all the kids sobbed because sand is SANDY 🙄, I could say, "But we're together, and that's what I wanted!" And it really did help me from getting frustrated or grumpy when things, as they always will with kids (especially when you're trying to be fun!) didn't go exactly perfect. I was a more fun mom and wife and human because of it!

TRAVEL TIP #2, from @amandajanejones:

Pack a thin blanket. We take this one with us EVERYWHERE and use it in everyday. We use it as a picnic blanket. We use it when the kids get chilly. I've used it as a nursing cover. We've used it to make train seats comfier for on the go naps, and we've also used it to wipe boogers when it was the only thing we had available. 😉

TRAVEL TIP #3, from @nothingdownaboutit:

While I try to keep it healthy at home...we load up on dum dum's and m&m's while on long flights! And I always make a trip to the dollar store a night before a flight and grab some play dough and sensory toys for the boys. I grab Scarlett easy little crafts and coloring books. These things keep my kids happier, for a longer period than tablets and phones!

TRAVEL TIP #4, from @momcrushmonday:

You’re traveling with a 3-year-old in tow. Fun? It can be. But, more likely right now you’re imagining the tantrums, picky eating and super-sized suitcase of stuff that you’ll need to keep the kiddo from melting down. How can you pack up, pick up and travel with ease (or at the very least, make it easier on the both of you)?
1. Prep your toddler for the travel day. You understand all of the busy-ness that goes on in the airport. But, your young child doesn’t. Imagine it from your toddler’s point of view. It’s loud, crowded and there are all kinds of strange noises. That’s not to mention the plane itself. Read a few picture books on traveling/transportation beforehand, play pretend with toy planes or turn an old shoe box into a mini airport terminal for some serious travel doll play!
2. Offer adjustment time. Whether you’re walking into a hotel room for the first time or have just driven into a new city, give your toddler time. It’s all kind of strange for her, and she needs to process what’s going on around her. Don’t expect her to always jump right in and feel comfortable.
3. Keep things fairly familiar. Bring along a few ‘lovies’ from home. Pack teddy, bring that old blanket or put a few family photos of home in your keep-all.
4. Bring your Tubby Todd & have a blast!


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