4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month with your Little One!

Earth Day is coming up, and we’ve been thinking a lot about how to share just how important it is to care for our OG mama (Planet Earth!) with our little ones.

So, read on for some super fun and educational ideas on how to open up a conversation with kiddos about sustainability, the planet, going green, and more!

Go outside!
Our simplest tip is just to spend a little bit of intentional time outdoors with your little one this Earth Day. Take a nature walk, and talk about allll of the things you see, hear, and smell. Pro Mama Tip: look into if there’s a nature center in your local area— chances are, they’ll have a TON of fun and free or low-cost outdoor activities planned for Earth Day.

Create recycled art — Collect and clean some paper scraps, bottle caps, and other recycled materials, set up an art station, and allow your kiddo’s imagination to do the rest! This opens up an opportunity for talking with them about what it means to reuse and recycle. 

Read a book with environmental themes — We personally love the classics, The Giving Tree and The Lorax… But there are a TON of super great new environmental books out there, like My Friend Earth and Here We Are.

Create an Earth-themed bathtime — Our brand new Planet TUB bath bombs smell soooo yummy and have such a beautiful blue and green color! We also love these Munchkin wild animal bath toys because each li’l critter is an at-risk or endangered species.

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