4 Ways to Improve Postpartum Self-care

Life with a new baby is full of change. It’s an amazing time but can also be so overwhelming! It’s no wonder why so many women and parents find themselves struggling to feel like their “old self” during life postpartum.

As you embrace the unknown and the excitement of being a new mama, it is SO important to be sure to care for yourself just like you’re caring for that sweet new babe. You already have everything they need within you. It’s so important during those first few months to be confident in that, and to be extra kind to yourself and your body. You’re doing an amazing job, Mama! To get your postpartum journey started off on the right foot, follow these steps to improve your self-care:

Care For Your Skin
As your body heals during the weeks and months following the birth of your baby, it will be important that you take extra special care of your skin. Your skin will be shrinking back to its pre-pregnancy state, and that will require extra care and attention. From moisturizing and gently exfoliating your belly, to massaging and compressing your abdomen, your body will need a l’il extra TLC to more easily return to its pre-pregnancy state. Rather than worrying about purchasing a bunch of new products for your skin, try an all over ointment for your body to soothe any of your skin concerns, as well as your baby’s skin! The fewer products you have to worry about, the better— we’re all about keepin’ it simple!

Wear Comfortable Underwear
As you recover from birth and settle into your new daily routines, feeling comfy is going to play a major role in your physical and mental wellbeing. The underwear you wear will be especially important not only to your comfort but to your physical recovery as well. That’s why we always suggest new mamas go for a pair of light seamless underwear to keep you feeling comfortable and weightless as you heal. You will be busy enough being a great mama to your newborn, so you don’t need any tight or digging underwear holding you back! Plus, your body will likely feel extra sensitive during this time, so to avoid irritating your skin or risk causing an infection in any birth-related wounds, comfortable undies will be necessary to your recovery.

Create A Soothing Environment For You and Baby
Take time to gently care for yourself and your baby in the days and weeks after you come home from the hospital. A few simple ways to create a soothing and relaxing environment for your baby could be limiting visitation from loved ones, making time for you and your baby to bond and rest together, and simply enjoying the presence of your baby with your partner. Not only will you enjoy taking in the precious moments of the very beginning of your baby’s life, but keeping stimuli to a minimum will help you and your baby ease into your new life together.

Keep Up With Your Interests
As busy as you will be with your new baby, it’s important that you find time here and there for your own personal interests. Your sweet newborn will sleep often in their early days, so make use of this downtime to indulge your hobbies or interests by watching a show, reading a book, or even painting your nails. Whatever makes you feel a little more like you will help you to not lose your sense of self during the strenuous postpartum period.

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