5 Tubby Skincare Tips for Spring


Changing seasons can be tough on sensitive skin, right?! With little ones spending more time outdoors, some of our biggest springtime skin concerns are sunburn, dryness, eczema-prone flare ups and keeping skin clean—because oh hey, dirt, chlorine and sweat have entered the chat. In addition to keeping up your consistent routine (hi, Regulars Bundle!) below are a few of our favorite tricks and products to work into your rituals this spring that will keep your kiddo feeling soft and smelling cute—just the way we like 'em!


  • Start with The Tubby Spring Regulars: Our GO TO 3-step solution! So much of caring for sensitive skin comes down to consistency and clean ingredients. This fun seasonal switch-up of our classic Regulars Bundle features limited edition Tubby Spring scents to add a little extra joy to your regulars routine. Clean skin with Hair + Body Wash, moisturize with Everyday Lotion and spot-treat extra dry areas with All Over Ointment—it's easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • Prep skin for SPF with EDL: We find that our SPF application goes a lot smoother (SMOOTHER, get it?!) when we're working with a hydrated canvas a.k.a. toddler. Our favorite secret is to moisturize with Everyday Lotion first thing in the morning or when kiddo is getting ready to go outside. Let those yummy ingredients sink in and then apply SPF with our easy-to-use Sunstick!
  • Did someone say Sunstick?: Sure did! Once skin is all prepped and primed it's time to go in with our Mineral Sunstick, a physical sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protection that's reef safe and water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Score! It's also super easy to apply to tiny faces, arms and legs so your little one is ready to enjoy some good, clean sun!
  • Keep smackers soft with Lip Balm: Is there anything worse than chapped lips? Prevent babe's pout from drying out with our tropical scented Lip Balm 2 Pack! Sun, dry weather and wind can all contribute to uncomfy chapped lips so keep these trusty tubes on hand for a quick touch up whenever lips are feeling a little dry.
  • Detangler to tame the mane: Keep tresses tangle free as little ones start spending more and more time outside as the weather warms up! Our Detangler comes in a yummy Lemon Crème scent with ingredients like Baobab, Coconut Seed Oil and Mango Butter to help smooth and detangle strands. Spritz on damp hair, comb through and go!

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