dream & creamy!


Our Tubby Todd Dream Cream is a thick body butter that is even heavier and more moisturizing than our everyday Lavender Lotion. It smells fresh and lightly minty, and rubs on pretty much like a dream!


Like all Tubby Todd bath products, our Dream Cream is 100% natural and plant-basedIt is made with almond, peppermint, spearmint, lime, and orange peel oils. Some of my other favorite ingredients are the aloe leaf juice, shea butter, and cocoa butter.


In our home, we use it to help soothe dry hands, feet, and rough skin. My little ones love this product because it smells so clean, and feels smooth and soft when applied. I have eczema on my hands, so I use the dream cream after I do the dishes. It really helps rehydrate my sensitive, irritated skin. I also especially love this cream for after sun moisturizing, because of the cocoa and shea butter it contains. It's really a great way to soothe chapped, dry skin.


Hope you and your babies love it as much as I do! Purchase our dream cream in the shop!

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rubina rahman

Hi There

I just placed an order. I’m from the UK. I was wondering if I can swap one of my orders?

From the lotion to the day cream? My daughter has dry skin and eczema. If there is a difference to pay. I will pay it.

please let me know

thank you!


I saw your cream contains camphor. Is this actually safe? I was under the impression that camphor is dangerous for babies and cause respiratory suprression, liver failure, and possible seizures.