Second trimester looks for the growing belly

The second trimester is the most fun because you start to feel a little better (hopefully!) and your bump is finally big enough to wear some fun pieces, but not so big yet that you have a hard time finding things to cover your belly. Seeing as this is my third time around, I now know to embrace the belly of the second trimester and love it with all of my heart. As I mentioned here I have found it incredibly helpful mentally and emotionally to add a few reasonable items to your wardrobe each trimester to help you face the growth and discomfort your body is experiencing. I found a few pieces this month that I love and can't wait to share!


1. A (not so little) LBD. 

The LBD (little black dress) has long been stated in fashion as an essential for every woman to have stored in her closet. I would agree and even argue that this transitions over to pregnancy as well. The only difference — I prefer my LBDs to have slightly more coverage and wiggle room during pregnancy. I found this number at Old Navy on clearance calling my name for $16! I have already worn it multiple times and feel so comfortable at social events in such a classy, timeless piece. 

Dress: No longer in stock, but here's the same 3/4 sleeve length LBD for $25!

2. Show me your body bodycon

In your first trimester everything is lumpy, and in the third trimester everything is large. So for me, the second trimester is my only time to live up the bodycon dream I've always had. I prefer maternity bodycon dresses because I am only human — and still need that side ruching to keep me looking round in all of the right places. You know what I mean. 

Dress: Old Navy ($20! go grab it!) | Boots: Sam Edelman | Sweater: H&M | Bag: Fawn Design 

3. Give me all of the sneakers

No really, give me all of the sneakers. Or anything with arch support, for heavens sake. Let's all just take a minute and say a huge "thank you" or "bless you dear child" to whoever made sneakers and jeans cool again. It's literally one of the best things that has happened during any of my pregnancies. Like right up there with gummy prenatals. These jeans were gifted to me by a friend and my top and sweater are from my pre-pregnancy days. I love sharing maternity jeans with friends because no one really needs to hold on to them and it is so fun to have more than a few pairs to work with as your size changes. 

Shirt: Target | Sweater: Lucky | Pants: Motherhood Maternity | Shoes: Nike 

4. Waistbands in moderation 

During my first trimester I had an strict "no waistband" rule and I have tried to carry this life philosophy into my second trimester as well. Because if you don't have to have a band digging into your belly, then why would you force it? So, I have constructed quite a few outfits that allow little constriction to my baby love. I love tight turtle necks on pregnant women because I think they are slimming in all of the right areas, and so I have found myself pairing a turtleneck with a simple maxi or a pair of overalls for a really comfy winter outfit. 

Dress: Forever 21 (from 5 years ago!), find a similar one here | Shirt: H&M Maternity (this season!) | Boots: French Connection 


Do you have other wardrobe tips for feeling good during your second trimester? I would love to hear! Last thing, remember to keep those legs soft and moisturized while you can still bend down to reach them! Shop our Everyday Lotion to keep your pregnant skin supple and glowing.

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P.S. This is one of the many installments in our #tubbytoddsoapbox series. This series is intended to do the exact same thing as our Tubby Todd products — they're meant to help you love and nurture your little ones! Each post focuses on the best way to take care of yourself as a parent because I whole heartedly believe that when we are taking care of ourselves we will be more capable of taking care of our little ones. 

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