Showing love at tubby time

Sometimes we find ourselves trying too hard to create a picture-perfect, instagram-worthy childhood for our kids. That's all good, but it should at least be EASY! Here are some of our favorite simple ways the Tubby Todd Family shows love for our kids while they're doing our favorite thing—taking a bath!

  • Put the iPad/iPhone away during bath time and be present with your kids. You'll never regret it.
  • Sit down at eye level with your kids while they're in the tub! We're pretty sure this is the number two reason why soft bath mats were invented. :)
  • Make it a bubble bath! Billions of (natural!) bubbles = tons of fun and entertainment for everyone involved.
  • Be creative with bath toys. Favorites at our house are kitchen utensils—whisks, measuring cups, and spoons. We also love Munchkin bath toys—the squeegee is a huge hit!
  • Take a bubble bath with your kids! They'll love it, we promise.
  • Read them a book while they're in the tub. I'll Love You Forever is a tear-jerker, but will make you fall in love with your kids all over again.
  • "Just five more minutes, Mom?" Say yes for once, and let them play just a few minutes longer.
  • Lotion up after bath time! Babies and toddlers love massages, and in addition to moisturizing their skin, our Everyday Lotion's lavender essential oil blend will soothe and comfort them right into dreamland.
  • Read them an extra bedtime story. You'll never regret spending extra one-on-one time with your kids. 
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