A Day with the Basics: Annie Warren

Our dream Disney vacation would be to stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite or to go on a Disney cruise. 

2. 3 Favorite things about being a #boymom?
I always thought I would be a girl mom, but now with two boys, I’m so elated to be a boy mom. My 3 favorite things about having boys is their sense of adventure, watching them develop their talents, and seeing the relationships they have with their dad. Both of my kids absolutely idolize their dad and always want to show off and make him proud. 

As an only child, I also love watching the relationship that these brothers have with one another. Winston, my oldest, is always trying to teach and protect his younger brother. Ford, my baby, is always following his older brother around and wants to be included in whatever he’s doing. 

3. We HAVE to comment on how amazing your boys' hair is! Seriously, it's SO gorgeous. How do you care for it and keep it healthy?
First of all, thank you! Second of all, it is a lot more work than I thought. Those curls need a lot of attention because they can get tangled so quickly. I have a brush that is meant for curly hair that we use daily. I use Tubby Todd’s Hair and Body Wash followed by a deep conditioner and a leave-in detangler. I try to brush their hair every morning and evening to keep the tangles at a minimum, but sometimes it’s hard to pin down those crazy boys!

4. Let's talk skincare, do your boys have any skin sensitivities or specific skincare needs? What's your weekly routine?
Yes, my boys both have very dry, eczema-prone skin. We use Tubby Todd’s All Over Ointment for both kids. In the Winter, we like to use it every single night before bed, even on days when they haven’t bathed, in order to lock in that moisture. For any tough patches, we’ll pull out the Aquaphor and spot treat. 

5. What's your must have Tubby Todd product?
Definitely the All Over Ointment! It’s just the best moisturizer (sometimes I steal it myself!). We also love the Dream Cream. I just love that Tubby Todd is so safe for sensitive skin. I also love how clean and mild all of their scents are. Just enough to smell fresh but not enough to be overwhelming! 

And we can’t forget the Mickey and Minnie Valentine Collection! It is the perfect gift for your sweet baby Valentine. 

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