Episode #7: What to Eat During Your First Trimester

Pregnancy! Week by Week with Andrea—Week 7

This week in our episode of Pregnancy! Week by Week with Andrea, we’re talking about what to eat during your first trimester! On this episode, we'll be giving you tips about how to feed yourself, your growing baby, oh, not to mention the ENTIRE family (it can be a lot!) What's the moral of this episode? Don't forget to treat yo' self and get yourself prepared for when meal time comes so there is no added stress or pressure. Enjoy, Mama!

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Andrea Faulkner Williams, Co-Founder and Head Mama at tubbytodd.com, is sharing weekly tips for pregnancy in her new video series— Pregnancy! Week by Week with Andrea. This series is for all mamas who are balancing work, home life and taking care of themselves (all while trying to not pee their pants!)

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