Expert Mama: Paper and Stitch Shares Easy Plants to Make Your Home Look Amazing

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When it comes to decorating, plants are like a designer's secret weapon. The right plants have a way of making an awkward space feel perfectly pulled together, a large space feel cozy and warm, and a small space feel like the great outdoors.


I like to think of them as decorating chameleons. So what kind of plants are right for you and your home? Today I'm sharing a handful of trending (easy-to-care-for) plants that will take your space from good to great.

Ficus Audrey

Looking for a fiddle leaf fig replacement? This is it! A Ficus Audrey can grow very tall with plenty of leaves, similar to fiddle leaf figs, but are (at least in my experience) much easier to take care of and look just as good, imo.


Like the Ficus Audrey, pileas are very Instagram-friendly. I have two on my dining room table, one in the guest bathroom, and another on our covered patio. All you really need to know about these plants is they like bright, indirect light and need to be watered about once a week. Wait for the soil to dry out a little again before re-watering.


Philodendron Silver

A great, affordable plant with beautiful variation in the leaf color. They're also super affordable and you can find them pretty easily at most garden centers. If you can’t find any Philodendron Silver plants, Pothos Marble is another great option that might be more common, depending on where you live.

Blue Star Fern


The leaves on these ferns are so pretty—almost silver with a blue tint, hence the name.

Pencil Cactus

It's hard to go wrong with a pencil cactus, from a design point of view. It's unusual enough to be a conversation starter and sculptural enough to feel like a living piece of art. Generally, a pencil cactus is pretty easy to take care of too. One of the benefits of being in the cactus family. Just be sure to place it in a sunny area of your home and water it every two weeks or so (less in the winter).

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