9 Easter Goodies for Your Babe's Basket

Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Spring is here and that means Easter is right around the corner! This year we're planning ahead (a mama miracle!) to put together our little ones' Easter baskets with thoughtful goodies. Instead of filling those baskets with candy (ok ok, maybe SOME candy) we picked some special toys, activities and necessities that will brighten up your babe's basket with springtime colors and the symbolism of the season!
  1. Tubby Sunshine Gift Set — Not only is this Gift Set bright, bubbly good clean fun for your little ones but the Sunshine theme and colors are perfect for Easter!
  2. Plum & Sparrow Basket — Don't get so busy filling that you forget the basket itself! We love these options from Plum & Sparrow PLUS you can reuse them as nursery decor or toy storage.
  3. Sugarfina Bunny Bark — Ok, there has to be some chocolate in an Easter basket, we're pretty sure it's like, a law or something. This sweet treat from Sugarfina is just as cute as it is tasty.
  4. Yoobi Chalk Set — Get your kiddos out of the house and into that spring sunshine with this super fun outdoor activity. (But don't forget the Sunscreen!)
  5. Childhoods Clothing Romper — We love a fancy Easter outfit but this year we're opting for this comfy (but still cute) romper so your babe can move around freely.
  6. Oli & Carol Tub Toy — After the Easter festivities are done, get your little one into a warm, bubbly bath with a festive tub toy or two like this sweet, pastel spotted duck by Oli & Carol.
  7. Cuddle & Kind Benedict the Bunny — Your babe will love cuddling up to this sweet stuffed bunnylong after Easter is done!
  8. Grimm's Toys Rainbow — Not only is this sweet rainbow toy the perfect nursery or kid's room accessory, it's also a perfect way to teach your kiddos about sunshine, rainbows and the meaning of Easter.
  9. Minnow Sun Hat — Be sure to protect that sweet li'l face while your babe is out and about enjoying the day with a sun hat that's as precious as it is practical.
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