The Perfect 5-step Skincare Routine for Kids

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Our Tubby Todd fams are growing up—and so are we! We created the Kids Line as the next step in your family's skincare journey as kids enter that pre-teen phase and take their first steps into self care. The Kids Line features 5 no fuss, all fun products that are formulated with gentle ingredients (just like all our products) AND easy to use. The perfect 5-step starter skincare routine!

We feel so honored to be a part of the rituals and routines that you teach your kiddos as they start learning to care for themselves and we firmly believe that establishing these patterns for them while they're young will help encourage growing little ones to love themselves just as they are. 


A sudsy bar soap that really lathers like it matters! Made with moisturizing Shea Butter and sustainably sourced Palm Oil, Suds Stick creates a rich lather to gently clean and condition skin. Perfect for hands, body and face and great for skin of all types.

Available in Coconut + Sea Salt or Fragrance-free, use this for kiddo's main cleanser as they graduate from the tub to the shower, or keep it handy by the sink for washing up!


We formulated this gentle gel-to-foam face wash with natural ingredients to help cleanse skin without stripping moisture. Best Face contains Willow Bark Extract and Hibiscus Enzyme, both natural, milder alternatives for salicylic acid to help buff away dead cells for a brighter, clearer complexion. We also included antioxidant-rich Rose and Dragon Fruit Extracts that help to balance oils, ease congestion, and promote hydration to let your best face shine through!

Available in a natural Hibiscus Melon scent or Fragrance-free, Best Face is gentle enough to use twice daily. Follow it up with (S)undercover SPF serum in the morning and your little one's fave moisturizer in the evening. 


A gentle formula created with sensitive underarms in mind, Deo Stick is the best way to keep kids feeling (and smelling) fresh! Perfect for little ones 6+, Deo Stick is aluminum and baking soda free with tapioca starch to help absorb wetness and magnesium hydroxide to help minimize icky odor causing bacteria.

With a yummy, natural Citrus + Vanilla scent you might just end up "borrowing" Deo Stick for yourself—which is totally acceptable by the way! All of our new Kids Line products are great for little ones and pre-teens but can be used by the whole fam!


Our Kids Toothpaste is just as gentle as it is effective. Ingredients like natural Hydroxyapatite work to help fight cavities while Xylitol eats away at harmful bacteria, improving overall oral health with a natural (yummy!) Marshmallow Mint flavor.

What's Hydroxyapatite? We're so glad you asked! A natural mineral and fluoride alternative, it's actually already found in our teeth (and bones too!). Brushing with this ingredient helps remineralize tooth enamel which in turn helps prevent cavities. Basically, your kid's dentist is about to be impressed.


(S)undercover is our lightweight mineral sunscreen serum with a velvety smooth application. The broad spectrum SPF 50 formula protects from UVA/UVB rays, blue light, free radicals and anything else the day throws your way. Keep sensitive skin protected any time, anywhere from screens, sun and everything in between.

We can't stress enough how important SPF protection is for little faces and sensitive skin! (S)undercover absorbs quickly and leaves a dewy finish, plus it's water resistant and reef safe.


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