Organic Nipple Balm Ingredients

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Let's talk ingredients, shall we? We were so excited to launch our newly reformulated Organic Nipple Balm with the yummiest ingredients that make it great to use before, during and after nursing for both you and your babe. Our new Balm is also Lanolin-free, and before you ask—there's nothing wrong with Lanolin! Some mamas and little ones have allergies or sensitivities to it and we wanted our Balm to be accessible for every mama who needs it.

The ingredients in our Nipple Balm are USDA Certified Organic—only the best for you and your new baby! Use Balm as often as needed to soothe and prevent cracked, sore skin.

Check out Nipple Balm's organic ingredients here:

Coconut oil—Historically used for gentle, natural and effective skincare. Helps hydrate and condition.

Sunflower oil—A natural emollient that has been used to protect, moisturize and lubricate skin.

Olive fruit oil—Commonly used to nourish and comfort delicate skin.

Shea butter—Has long been used for it's anti-inflammatory and properties to condition and soothe skin.

Calendula—Known for its natural antiseptic properties and used to condition skin and help stimulate collagen production.

Tubby Tip: Start using Organic Nipple Balm a few days before your due date to begin conditioning skin! Delivery can be stressful on skin (and mama!) and can leave you feeling dehydrated and depleted. This extra step beforehand will make that difficult transition into nursing just a little bit easier. You've got this, Mama.

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