Label Design Contest Winner "Monkeyin' Around" by Rhett Feiker

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This spring we held our first ever Label Design Contest and boy did we have fun! The theme was BATHTIME (no surprise there!). We asked our Tubby Todd families and followers to have their little ones draw, paint or color their favorite bathtime scene, give their piece a title and send it on in. We received so many bright and colorful design submissions from some truly artistic kiddos—it was definitely a tough job to choose which design we would print on our limited edition Hair & Body Wash bottle!

The winning piece of artwork we selected after much deliberation is titled "Monkeyin' Around," designed by Rhett Feiker, age 8! We loved the imagination and creativity of a jungle bath scene. Be sure to check out the details of the bubbles in the tub and the banana tree—two of our favorite elements of Rhett's design! Read a little about his inspiration and art process below:

Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Rhett with his winning bottle label design, photo courtesy of Lindsey Feiker

Q: How did you come up with the design inspiration for your label?

A: I talked to my mom and she said whatever you decide to draw just make sure it would be good for a boy or a girl. I thought of drawing a boy monkey and a girl monkey in the jungle but the monkey was more difficult to draw than I originally thought, so I decided to just draw one monkey that could either be a boy or a girl. I came up with the jungle idea because that’s where monkeys live. I drew a banana tree because monkeys eat bananas.

Q: What do you like most about art and design?

A: I like coloring and using crayons. I also want to be an artist when I grow up and design the graphics for video games or Pixar movies.

Q: Did you go through any other design drafts before you landed on your final idea?

A: I first thought about drawing me or a human in the bath but then I thought that a lot of people would draw persons also. So I decided to draw an animal. I thought about what kind of animal would be cool. I first thought about doing a giraffe but thought the neck would be too long to fit on the bottle. Next I decided a monkey taking a bath would be fun, but then I thought it would be better for the monkey to be pouring soap in the bath. Eventually I changed my mind and decided the monkey hanging from a branch holding the banana would be better.

Q: What art tools did you use to create your piece?

A: First I used pencil to draw the entire design, then I went over the pencil with marker, after that I filled in the rest of the picture with crayons and colored pencils.

Q: What is your favorite aspect about how your design turned out/which design element is your favorite?

A: I liked everything I drew but I really liked the way the bubbles were popping out of the bubble bath and my monkey hanging from the vine.

As the grand prize winner of our Label Design Contest, Rhett received a year's supply of Tubby Todd and his design is currently featured on a limited edition bottle of our Lavender and Rosemary Hair & Body Wash! Grab yours here to add it to your Tubby Todd collection before they're gone!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog
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